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About Life’s Work – Ministry

Many of us have experienced the blessing of God’s calling. We’ve listened to our heart and heard His voice telling us that it is our purpose to serve Him – to create and lead a Ministry.

This divinely-inspired endeavor is a privilege that requires from us tremendous faith, knowledge and stamina. It also demands that we reach out to others who can help bolster our efforts and teach us to be better than we are.

Reach within your soul…and then reach out to others.

The scriptures tell us, “Without a vision the people perish,” and so you are called upon to create a purpose and goal for your community. The Bible further commands us to collaborate so we can learn and, most importantly, entrust our future to those who will ensure that we stay on course.

As you create or improve your ministry, ask God to send you righteous people who can embrace your vision through prayer and support — emotionally, physically and financially. Share your vision with them, and reach out especially to those you believe can serve as advisors, for they will help you gain the discernment and wisdom you need to make your ministry successful. Additionally, their involvement and oversight will help you keep a righteous focus.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

We can help you plant the seeds and grow.

Centerpoint Life Planning offers expert counsel to Godly men and women who are setting up their own ministry, and those who wish to improve an existing one. We have an extensive array of resources that can help every step of the way with information and “Best Practices” gathered from experienced pastors and others involved in successful ministries.

We offer workbooks, checklists, templates, tools and processes that provide invaluable assistance regardless of which stage your Ministry is in:

  • Initial Mission, Vision and Values
  • Plan Development
  • Strategies and Tasks
  • Structure
  • Governance
  • Membership
  • Resource Management – Human and Capital
  • Accounting

We can help you from your initial planning to final execution and assessment – with books, seminars, and personal counselors offering expert advice in every area of Ministry management.

Let Centerpoint work with you as you serve the Kingdom of God in your greatest capacity and with all your heart. We want to become your partner, helping you maximize ministry resources to achieve your vision and teach the word of God.

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