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We see them every day: slick television commercials promising the latest quick fix for every sort of illness and ailment. But are these medicines a cure? Or a temporary “fix” created to alleviate symptoms?

Even worse is what happens when pharmaceutical companies get careless or greedy and the cure is worse than the disease. Lawyers’ ads beckon us to sue for the damage caused by the drugs we were initially encouraged to ingest.

But why did we need them in the first place? Because modern living is literally making us sick.

Americans have bought into a system of healthcare that is not structured on prevention, nor does it acknowledge the sovereignty of God over our health. The physician, the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and the insurance industry have become allies in keeping us dependent upon synthetic – and costly – treatments rather than encouraging a more natural lifestyle.

Worship me and I will bless your food and drink and keep you from sickness.
Exodus 23:25

God is our nutritionist, physician and healer.

The Bible provides us with all we need to know to enjoy vibrant health and longevity. The words of knowledge written two thousand years ago are God’s laws for healthy living, and many of His recommendations are being re-discovered by modern medicine as the principles for good health and wellness.

At Centerpoint, we have faithfully studied instructions provided in the Bible and have created a number of useful resources to help you and your family improve the quality of your lives. We offer a vast array of materials that will help you with the discipline, knowledge and support you need to live well and feel better.

We begin with the Disciplines you need to acquire in order to live according to God’s plan for good health:

  • Prayer
    We know that prayer is critical to our well-being. The silent communion between God and ourselves gives us hope, inspiration, wisdom and a purpose for being.
  • Stretching
    What many of God’s creatures know intuitively must sometimes be suggested to humans who have forgotten the importance of this practice.
  • Exercise
    We need to engage in aerobic and anaerobic exercise to make the heart and lungs stronger.
  • Nutrition
    The early monks observed the practice of not eating to satiety. This left them in a more prayerful state of mind similar to the spiritual high that people reach when fasting.
  • Sleep
    Often neglected in modern life is sleep. The body in its natural state heals itself while we sleep, and lack of sleep can lead to poor health.

We support those disciplines with Knowledge given to us in the Bible and for which we have practical, modern suggestions:

  • Nutrition
    The Bible tells us how and what to eat to sustain our bodies in optimum condition. We help you choose the nutrition that is right for you and your family, based on natural dietary practices.
  • Essential Oils
    Pharmaceuticals aren’t the only alternative for healing and good health. God gave us safe, natural cures to be found in nature rather than in a laboratory.
  • Supplements
    Too often, we are not getting the right vitamins and minerals from the manufactured food we eat. Learn how to compensate for an unhealthy modern diet.
  • Water/Oxygen
    Nothing is more important than clean water and air. God gave us this rich environment to benefit our health and yet we continue to destroy it. Learn more about what we can do to preserve the precious necessities of life.
  • Food Supply
    We can each become responsible for our own healthy diet by growing or buying fresh, healthful foods grown in harmony with nature, rather than processed with chemicals.

To help you even further in your journey toward better health, we have a full roster of qualified practitioners in virtually every field who will guide you every step of the way:

  • Health Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Chiropractor
  • Acupuncture
  • Dentistry
  • Vision Care
  • General Practitioner
  • Trauma
  • Surgeons
  • Specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Therapists
  • Technicians

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  • Lorene Hochstetler
    Lorene Hochstetler Health Coach

Lorene Hochstetler is a Stay At Home Business Owner and Health Consultant.
Products and services are cell supplementation for optimal health.
An Independent Associate w/USANA Health Sciences.

Prior to being a Health Wellness Coach, Lorene spent 12 yrs being a Mother, homeschooling her 5 children. Lorene offers personal one-on-one and group training to equip entrepreneurs in giving expression to their passions. As well as apprentices Health Coaches to launch their Organic Health Careers.

Lorene is the Founder of ‘Healing Body, Soul, & Spirit Ministry’ called “Sterling Prayer Life, LLC” as well as hosts Women’s Bible Studies in her home, and leads Women’s Prison Ministry Classes. She resides near Columbus, OH with her Husband, Dan, passionate to first being Mother/Grandmother to her children, and always changing lives to better health and wellness.

Lorene can be reached at 740-485-0892

  • Lorene Hochstetler is clearly committed to excellence. She is open and willing to share what she has learned. It is rare that you meet someone with such obvious integrity and values. She has hugely diverse experience as a professional health coach and spiritual person. Her Diverse experience makes her a creative and valuable asset. I have seen her thorough efforts in networking with her clients and she will go far in her endeavors

    Dr Bill Carpentar
  • Lorene is a talented leader with commitment to her team to empower them to success. She is a role model for all of us at USANA on what a true leader and team builder should be. She is a woman of her word, a person you can depend to come through for you.

    Julie Dennis
  • When I see Lorene's name on the list of an event I am attending or considering being involved with, it lends immediate credibility to that particular event/activity. She operates from a place of integrity & authenticity that is very attractive. Lorene's passion for helping others realize and reach their potential is always evident. This is definitely a woman you want to get to know!

    Teresa Cleveland
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