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We are born with a desire to experience and to learn – to be educated in the ways of our world and to gain insight and understanding into who we are and why we are here.

Where does this passion for learning come from? Foundationally it must come from our desire to fulfill a purpose in life. But we must use caution: if our purpose is motivated by a desire for self-gratification, we will embark on a journey to reach the top of the mountain only to find there is nowhere to go but back down.

But if our purpose is to fulfill a higher calling that blesses others, then when we reach the top of the mountain we will see an even higher summit within our reach…one with even greater rewards. We learn to set new goals. Successful people are lifetime learners who never stop searching for answers.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he shall not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

To address learning, the leaders of Centerpoint Life Planning have identified five different aspects of education:

We are blessed to live in a world that gives us knowledge, but all of that knowledge isn’t truth. Only God can give us knowledge and truth because He is the author of all truth, delivering it to us through the Holy Scripture, His prophets, nature, as answers to prayer, and through visions and dreams.

God also gives us wisdom, understanding and discernment to identify whether what we are receiving is accurate. If something is 99% true but 1% false, that 1% can easily lead us astray: it is the deception of the lie.

Discernment of the lie becomes possible only once we have accepted wisdom – the beginning of which is fear of the Lord and acknowledging His sovereignty over every aspect of our life. When we have wisdom from God, He protects us and gives us a clear path for our lives, each one of us created to serve a purpose He determined.

Socialization is an important component in our understanding of the world, and teaches us how to collaborate with others. Because information is now at our fingertips, our youth are not interacting and participating in activities that would help them acquire critical thinking skills and practice socialization techniques. Business requires so much collaboration of thoughts and ideas that many leaders are concerned about how work will get done in the future. These collaborative skills need to be developed through socialization as well as academics.

Unfortunately most educational environments have a one size fits all academic experience. But some children take in information visually, some children are auditory learners and others will learn through a “hands on” experience. The children who take in information differently from the teaching methods being utilized may find themselves at a learning disadvantage. And those who are never given the opportunity to discover their true purpose languish in unfulfilled lives.

Great education must identify God’s design in the life of a student, and the goal of the educator should be to create an environment recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. This includes various gifts, values, personality types and behavior patterns of students. The gifts of course are broad based to include athletic ability, intelligence, spiritual gifts, capacity to assimilate and use information, critical thinking skills, and many other talents that make us unique in this world.

Deuteronomy 6 gives us wise instruction on how to address the individual experience so that the kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, or visual learner is taught by their respective learning styles to reinforce the Word of God.

Divine Strategies for Education offers a tremendous array of resources to help our members grow and learn. Whether you’re a parent involved in the education of your children, a grandparent providing counsel, or an educator who wants to include God in your instruction, we can provide the information and guidance you’re seeking.

We’re committed to helping you achieve wisdom and purpose through God… because we know that life will never have meaning without the understanding that God is the author of all knowledge.

  • Wanda Nelms
    Wanda Nelms Education Coach

phone: (662) 238-3337
fax: (662) 513-0073

Wanda Nelms is the founder of Nelms Educational Consulting Services, LLC.  Nelms Educational Consulting Services was birthed from the desire to support students, families, and the community throughout the educational process. As a practicing independent educational consultant, her primary goal is to assist clients with making clear and informed educational decisions by clarifying expectations, interpreting results, and providing supportive services for students. Their services support schools while benefiting families and the overall community by increasing their understanding of requirements, available resources and processes within schools. Available services include academic and social counseling for students with learning differences, ACT/SAT test prep, college counseling, organizational and study skill strategies, and demystifying the Special Education process. These services will enable students and families to more effectively meet the current and future requirements of education.

Mrs. Nelms served as an educator for more than 25 years in the Columbus, Ohio city school district. During her tenure, she taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She continued her service with the district in the roles of secondary assistant principal, high school guidance counselor, and consultant with the department of Learning Disabilities. She also served as Scholarship Director for designated Columbus area high schools. Wanda Nelms is trained in the Response to Intervention process and the development of Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plans. Wanda is a self-described, life-long learner and parent advocate. She has presented workshops in the Mississippi Delta on topics mainly addressing parental involvement and participation in schools.

Her book, In The Way They Should GoFoundational Truths Which Undergird Approaches to Instruction That Guide Learning, Encourage Understanding and Enhance Student Performance, was released in April, 2014. She is also the major contributor to the educational division of Centerpoint Stewardship and Life Planning in Columbus, Ohio.

Mrs. Nelms graduated from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She completed graduate work at the Ohio State University and University of Dayton, fulfilling the requirements for the Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in education. She is certified in psychology, guidance and counseling, middle and high school administration, and in the areas of mild, moderate, and severe disabilities.

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