Centerpoint is on a mission to guide you and your family through the difficult and complex moments of life. Here on the blog, you’ll see writing on a variety of topics, from finances and savings, to health and wellness. Also, don’t forget to check out our podcast for learning on the go! You can always submit questions for us to answer, either by blog or podcast, but visiting our contact page!


On Centerpoint stewardship you will find information about managing, building, saving, growing, and giving wealth. Find advice here on 501(c)(3)’s to 401(k)’s! We have a team of financial experts with years of experience writing to make sure you have tools for success.

Health and Wellness

Live better! Live healthy. Find tips on health and wellness across the board. We’ll discuss nutrition, exercise, healthcare, and more.


Through our education blog, find information and wisdom on everything from homeschooling to a “traditional” school environment and beyond. Do you or your child need help on determining a plan for collegiate education? Do you need to learn about the current educational climate and how to leverage it for your child’s future? Get started here!

  • Teaching
    When the term, “teacher,” comes to my mind, suddenly, a mental image of an adult dispersing information immediately flashes before me.  Based on my own and most recent instructional experiences, [...]
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  • A Life Insurance Primer
    A Life Insurance Primer
    There are two basic types of life insurance: term insurance and permanent insurance. Term life insurance is the purchase of a death benefit for a set premium and a set period of time, providing [...]
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  • As Simple as Water
    As Simple as Water
    Do you know that something as simple as water ‘Heals” ? I have already drunk thirty-two ounces of water this morning. To help with digestion, the first thing I do in the morning (as [...]
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